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White Live Trucks in Tampa and Lovebug Season. Ah, the Joys of Local News

Lovebugs! How could I ever have forgotten lovebugs?

But of course, once you move away from Central Florida, you do.  You never again worry about scrubbing their sticky bodies off the front of your car before they eat the paint off.  Gotta live wildlife, right?  And Florida--why so much damn wildlife, anyway?

Then this morning I saw a video shot by a crew at my old station in Tampa, WFTS.  The crew comes under attack by a massive cloud of the linked-up love machines, which are apparently drawn to light colors, like the bright white live truck: (hey, 28ers--who's the photog who seems so unaffected by the reporter's narration?)

It's a pretty good video if you've ever had the pleasure of finding yourself in Florida at the start of Spring or end of Summer and these copulating critters start swarming.

Every market has its own little quirks, right?  Those Savannah sand gnats? Holy crap, how annoying.

What's your favorite local news pest (not including the ubiquitous lens lice, of course)?

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