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New York’s Fox 5 Sends TWO MORE to Hospital with Suspected CO Poisoning

You'd think after just one employee went to a New York hospital with confirmed carbon monoxide poisoning after working in one WNYW's live trucks, there'd be a high-priority effort (even if motivated by nothing else than the desire not to be sued) to make sure it never happens again. And you'd think that after a series of employees went to the hospital all suffering from the same problem--a life threatening problem, to boot--that you'd see the urgency.

And to top it all off, you'd think having the issue reported in the New York Daily News would put the proverbial icing on the cake. That truck problem's going to be resolved, or nobody's going out in the field until it is. That kind of talk. That kind of.. oh, what's the word here? Oh yes, leadership.

And of course, because it's Fox, and it's local news, where priorities tend to run in the other directions, you get a follow-up in today's News saying two more Fox 5 employees have now added the illustrious ranks (or, a cynical person might describe them as a potential class action pool) of sickened workers.

But rest assured--here comes the corporate sugar: "We're very concerned," WNYW GM Lew Leone tells the News. "Our engineers and the consultants we brought in are doing everything as quickly as possible."

You're concerned now? What about the last time?

And obviously, the engineers and consultants haven't done everything possible if people are still falling ill on the job and ending up in emergency rooms. Has anybody priced new livetrucks? Just curious...

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