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Latest Layoffs: Gutting a Once Great Station; NBC New York Cuts 3 More

Amazing.  In the same week when WNBC reminds viewers that it actually can compete on the big story, the station waits until Friday to bury a far more telling news item:  three more experienced New York vets cut at the "content center."  The Daily News' Richard Huff broke the story overnight on nydailynews.com: 

"A day after WNBC/Ch. 4 scooped its rivals in covering the Hudson River plane crash, the station fired three of its most familiar names.

Market veterans Jay DeDapper, Kendra Farn and Carol Anne Riddell were let go Friday.

"Their contracts were not renewed," said a station spokeswoman.

They are the latest in a long string of on-air layoffs for the once dominant station, which in recent years has seen its news ratings fall. "

DeDapper, a veteran New York City political reporter, now apparently out of a job at NBC's flagship just hours before one of the biggest political stories of our lifetime.  Who will "NBC New York" have in Washington?  Who will it have in Brooklyn?  Who will it have who can even remember what WNBC once was?  Chuck, Sue,... and who?

Jay DeDapper/WNBC

Jay DeDapper/WNBC

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  1. Here’s the deal…these three veteran reporters should be scooped up and hired elsewhere in NYC. The reason why WNBC did so well in its coverage of the U.S. Airways crash, is because of people like Farn, and DeDapper. They know the city! Good luck when the next horrendous thing happens in NYC and those on air don’t even know where Battery City is.

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