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LATEST LAYOFFS: KUSA/Denver Cuts Nick Carter: "It Was My Turn"

Gannett's top-rated KUSA/Denver continues its cost-cutting ways, laying off 24-year veteran meteorologist Nick Carter, effective Friday. Penny Parker at the Rocky Mountain News reports Carter got the news back in October and has had time to look for work, but the job market is, to put it mildly, terrible. "On one hand, it's kind of scary, but on the other hand there's always new opportunity," Carter told the Rocky. "Obviously, the (TV) industry is going through tough times and has had to reduce staff in many cases, it just made sense that it was my turn."

Carter's departure follows the release of top anchor Bob Kendrick, who was main anchor at 9News, but whose contract was not renewed after the November book. KUSA News Director Patti Dennis told the Rocky's Parker, "The difficult changes in the media industry are hard on everyone, and these contract discussion are never easy."

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  1. I am troubled by the fact that channel 9 has hired two younger people as weather people and then layed off Nick Carter who has been there 24 years. The two new people are doing a good job but no better than Nick did. It looks like channel 9 has decided to hire pretty faces or possibly people who will work for less money instead of sticking with a person who has done a great job and frankly always appeared to work where ever he was needed rather than requiring a set position. This in my opinion is poor management and would indicate that as a cost cutting measure the manager who made these decisions should be shown the door out.

  2. I agree 100% with everything Don Thorpe expressed in the first comment. I didn’t know Nick had been let go, I just realised I was missing him and googled it. Becky and Ashton are very nice looking and young, but Nick was a professional with true experience. What a sad loss for us and a proving statement about the direction 9news is choosing to go - also very sad.

  3. 24 years senority, have you noticed they can not get the weather right any more. Maybe get rid of that ignorant Kathy Sabin or Marty who said no rain in Colorado on Sunday, I guess tornadoes are not technically rain

  4. I still don’t understand to let Nick Carter go and now nobody knows the weather anymore.
    He was the best!!
    Where is he now? Does anybody know?
    Ashton and Marty are good but forget the others.

  5. Johanna,

    I haven’t heard if Nick’s landed somewhere else… Denver folk: anybody know?


  6. I recently read that Nick landed on Fox 31. Looks like I may be changing my preferred news channel.

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