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QUICK SHOW OF HANDS: Hold On Until It Gets Better, or Adjust to the New Normal?

Time to Vote: the standupkid QUICK SHOW OF HANDS

What do you think, local newsers?  Is all this firing and cost-cutting just a way to keep companies afloat until the car dealers start spending again, and then we can travel, have our two-person crews and maybe even pay the photogs overtime once in a while?  Or, is it something bigger?  Is the economy merely accelerating a change that was already happening:  that the financial model that fueled local TV has changed, and local TV news will need to do what it's doing now, and maybe a lot more, to find a new way to make profit, and stay relevant?[polldaddy poll=1379329]

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  1. We had two competing ideologies: Trickle-down, where economic strength comes from the private sector and moves down, or trickle-up, where the same supposed source of strength comes from government and moves up. Looking at today’s carnage, who would like to be the first one to say that ‘trickle-down’ didn’t work? I would wager that those days-the 1980s through the first half of the 2000s-were some of the best days for all media. TV stations and their news operations were humming on all cylinders, and the phrase ‘one-man-band’ referred to Weird Al Yankovic. If TV stations live and die by advertising revenue, how can the private sector oblige if their very businesses aren’t doing well enough to support those efforts? Lacking that, your only other option is to hope that Nancy Pelosi starts running her own TV commercials. That may not be the best example, but you get my point.

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