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Former KSTP Newsers Set to Battle in Court


Randy Meier/MSNBC

Randy Meier/MSNBC

Former KSTP/Minneapolis and MSNBC anchor Randy Meier is suing a former friend and KSTP colleague, ex-reporter Kristin Geer (who appeared on STP as Kristin Stinar) and her husband over a collapsed deal to produce a local show, "Blueprint for Green," according to StarTribune.com.

Meier says he had a contract with the Geers through September 2009, but was let go last November when the ec0-show fell through due to lack of sponsors.  Two two sides tell wildly different versions of events to the StarTribune's media bizzer, C.J.:  "There is no contract," said Kristin Geer, "Everything in that lawsuit is absurd."

Meier's lawyer, Jim Kaster, insists "Randy doesn't work without a contract.  He's been in TV for 25 years."

Read up on the Twin Cities spat here.

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  1. The Geers are very dishonest people : (

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