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LocalNewser is a website by Mark Joyella, an Emmy Award-winning reporter who's been around the local news block a few times, from his first gig many moons ago at KJCT-TV in Grand Junction, Colorado, to a few higher rungs on the news ladder, including Miami's WPLG and New York's WNYW, where he reported, anchored, and really impressed family and friends by saying "sitting in tonight for Ernie Anastos."

In his current multi-hyphenate life, Mark's at work on a documentary film, reports for a nonprofit website, The Coaching Commons, and does coaching of his own--working with journalists and individuals on improving their on-camera and communications skills, and working directly with journalists on navigating the suddenly scary and different world of multiplatform media.

Mark's enjoyed the elephant-riding nature of local news, from pulling 9 G's in an Air Force F-16 over the Atlantic, to making a tailhook landing on the deck of the Navy's USS Harry S. Truman during flight ops.  Mark's covered more hurricanes than he can remember, starting with Andrew, which he'll never forget. He's covered stories around the world, and currently serves as a contributing correspondent for Australia's top-rated network morning show, appropriately titled, The Morning Show on Seven Network.

In real life, Mark's married (and has been dubbed by the New York Daily News "New York's Most Annoying Husband"...and by Australia's TODAY Show and New Zealand's "Morning" as "World's Most Annoying Husband."  Why?  Read this.  He's also a brand new dad, and writes about that on his brand new dadblog, Standupdad.

To learn more about Mark's work, visit www.standupkid.com.

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  1. Mark have enjoyed following your Tweets, look forward to your thoughts on the industry.

    Seems “what’s next” is on everyone’s radar. Check out a new book being pubished by AR&D, Re-Engineering Local Television. Expect to see on the streets in a couple of weeks. Some really good level headed insight.

    Congrats on the new blog.

  2. Hey Mark,

    Welcome to the blogosphere! I am a longtime TV news health reporter now running a blog on diet, fitness, and the obesity epidemic and still doing a little TV on the side. It’s definitely an interesting time for broadcast journalism right now.

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