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The Smartest Job in Local Media: The Curator. Hey, The Register Citizen‘s Doing It, Why Shouldn’t You?

Matt DeRienzo

Add the name Matt DeRienzo to the list of forward thinking journalists who refuse to let local media--especially print--fade into obscurity.

DeRienzo's the publisher of The Register Citizen, a small town paper in Torrington, Connecticut. And he's just appointed Jenny Golfin, who's been reporting and working the paper's website, as the Register's first ever full-time curator. Yep, taking a page from NPR's outrageous success defining a new kind of journalism through curating news as it happens--through tweets, TwitPics, videos, Facebook posts and lots of links--DeRienzo wants to bring that to his paper, an Andy Carvin for small town America.

As he explained it to readers, Golfin will be free to link to anybody--even what used to be known as "the competition." Her beat, unlike Carvin's exceptional work covering uprisings in Egypt, Libya and beyond, will be a lot closer to home: "content relevant to Northwest Connecticut communities and to niche interests including moms from Litchfield County, local and statewide politics and local arts and entertainment."