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We're All in This Together


Whether traditional television stations recover from the advertising setbacks that have forced layoffs for tv newsers from coast to coast, or some of those stations instead decide to eliminate their newsrooms, and send even more good people out of work, I know this much: we're in this together.

Since I started this blog all of a week ago tonight, I've been jokingly called a "harbinger of doom" for noting the names of the reporters, anchors and other tv newsers who've been directly affected by the cost-cutting that's having such a dramatic impact on the work we do and love. Many of my friends are among those who've lost jobs through no fault of their own. When it came right down to it, talent wasn't the deciding factor. It was money.

At the same time, I remain exceptionally hopeful about our business. I believe that there will always be a market for a person who can tell a story, either with a microphone and a pad, a camera, or, yes, both. I'm curious to know what local tv news will look like in just five years. I want to talk to the smart people and share their insights right here on this blog.

And I guess I'm not the only one. In 7 days, this out-of-nowhere blog got nearly 2,000 page views, and I heard from a lot of folks, some good friends, others just people with an interest in television news, and the news in their town most of all. I hope to make this site a resource, not just to talk about "doom," but to brainstorm about what might be, for all of us, an exciting future, telling stories in ways we never imagined.

Thanks for reading the blog, and thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can't tell you how happy it made me to read a Facebook message from Brendan Keefe, who wrote, "I had no idea this website was new! It's great. Suddenly I'm the most informed guy in the newsroom when it comes to what's happening in the business."

Doesn't get much better than that. Thanks, everybody. (Now I've really gotta bolt... "24" is on and I gotta watch me some Jack.