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Your Local Newser Fights Zombies, Loses: It’s the End of the World as We Know It

Just Another Day in Local News:  Green Screen, Lip Sync, Zombies, Shotgun

Just Another Day in Local News: Green Screen, Lip Sync, Zombies, Shotgun

At one point in my career, I was proud of achievements like network liveshots.  I'd call my family and everyone I could think of:  "put a tape in the VCR!" (Yeah, this was a few years ago)

Today, I'm proud of fighting zombies.  Seriously.

If you ever get a chance to work with the gang at College Humor, don't ask for details.  Just show up where they tell you (it may be a slightly strange and possibly illegal "studio" in Williamsburg, say) and do what they tell you (pull the shotgun from underneath the anchor desk and pump it, but make sure you stay in frame when the zombie bites you, say).  The end result will probably be one of two things, or more likely, both:  funny--and viral.

Such is the case with my work as a "Channel 9" news anchor in the latest College Humor take on the local news biz, which involves too much good stuff to try and explain here.  Just watch, and enjoy.  Oh, and remember:  the reason it's funny?  Because it's true.

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A few lessons learned about doing zombie videos: they don't move fast, and they don't look strong, but when they toss your lifeless body off the anchor desk, expect bruises and the possibility of a bent cufflink (even if they did put padding on the floor where they thought you might land.

And zombie makeup?  Yeah, that does not come out of suits or dress shirts, so think twice about wearing your good stuff to the next zombie news shoot.

Just sayin'.